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K.C. Knouse author True Prosperity: Your Guide to a Cash-Based Lifestyle

K.C. Knouse

Welcome! I hope LiveOnCash.com is helpful to you in your pursuit of a personal financial life without debt. My wife, Rosa, and I have lived a cash-based lifestyle for over thirty years and have been totally debt-free since we paid off our mortgage in 1989 at age thirty-six. We are not financial counselors or managers; we are average folks, just like you. We both recently retired in the late Spring of 2009 at age…well, you have probably already done the math. Rosa retired from teaching after a twenty-five year career. I closed my print brokerage business that I had opened in January of 1993. Two- thirds of my thirty-five year career in direct sales was spent in self-employment of one kind or another.

I wrote the book True Prosperity: Your Guide to a Cash-Based Lifestyle in 1996 to share our experiences in getting out of debt, staying out of debt and prospering in a time of burgeoning consumer credit. Financially speaking, we lived contrary to most of the people we knew and encountered. Yet we enjoyed a quality of life, a freedom, security and independence, that no amount of consumer debt could buy. The book sought to reveal the joy and peace of living a cash-based lifestyle as well as the mechanics of achieving and maintaining it. This website seeks to do the same.

I don’t pretend to know all of the answers; I continue to learn every day. Managing money in retirement is a whole new ballgame. All I know is what has worked for us and that is what I share here. So if you have different ideas or a different approach to living without debt, or you just want to extend an “atta boy”, let me hear from you. —K.C. Knouse

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